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The Leading Business Barter Exchange For Maryland, DC, and Virginia

The Benefits Of Barter

In the U.S. over 500,000 businesses actively use organized trade to supplement their cash transactions. As a BSI exchange member with our network your business is able to finance the purchases of things you need out of additional sales of your own product or service.

How To Join Barter

By joining Barter Systems, you will be part of one of the oldest barter exchanges in America. BSI and our staff of experienced trade brokers will help you make connections with some of our thousands of business owners so you can earn trade dollars.

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Ready to put the power and leverage of barter to work for yourself? To start, we’ll need to learn a few things about your business and collect administrative details to arrange your account. Once on board, you will be assigned your owner personal barter broker to offer guidance and to get you on your way!

How Barter Works For Your Business

Did you know that the age-old practice of barter continues to contribute to billions of dollars in commercial transactions each year? In today’s challenging economic environment, business owners are realizing that conserving their cash is a smart and necessary way to protect the future growth of their company.  Click on our video for an animated explanation of barter.

Meet The Team

From top-to-bottom, our dedicated team of barter specialists are standing by to help you fully leverage the power of barter in your business. If you're a business owner or manager in the Maryland, Washington D.C., or Virginia area looking leverage business trade to strengthen your bottom line, we're here to help. To get started and learn more, give us a call at (301) 949-4900.

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Of Fortune 500 Companies Barter

Of The World's Business Is Barter

Of Small Businesses Barter In Some Form

Of Businesses On NYSE Use Barter

Being introduced to Barter Systems and then becoming a satisfied client for the last two years has saved my company thousands of dollars in hard cold cash.  I would recommend every business investigate how barter can help their business get the products and services they need while saving their hard earned cash.

Brandon Barr – Founder , Grow With Mobile

I have used barter systems for a number of years and couldn’t be happier with the results. It has allowed me to afford things I would not normally be able to afford. It has also allowed me to keep employees busy during slower periods and increase my resources for operational expenses.

Bob Hanifin – Owner , Beacon Electrical Services

Enhance Your Life With Barter

From travel around the world to home improvements and local dining, your Barter Systems membership opens up a countless possibilities.