Benefits of Barter For Businesses In MD, VA, and DC

In the U.S. over 500,000 businesses actively use organized trade to supplement their cash transactions. As a BSI exchange member with our network your business is able to finance the purchases of things you need out of additional sales of your own product or service.

  • Increase Sales
  • Increase Cash Flow
  • Reduce Excess Inventory and Use Idle Capacity
  • Gain Advantages Over Your Competition
  • Build Customer Loyalty
  • Improve Your Bottom Line

Increase Sales

With thousands of business owners alerted to your business upon joining BSI, and constant awareness through our website, email and account managers and brokers…your sales will increase. BSI opens the door to a new group of potential customers, partners and allies who will bypass traditional ‘cash’ vendors to work with you through BSI.

Increase Cash Flow

When you purchase through barter, you pay with trade dollars. Replacing some cash expenditures through BSI can improve your cash flow.

Open New Markets and Gain Market Share

One of the great benefits to your company is the incredible exposure you’ll receive through BSI and our affiliates. BSI gives you exposure to new markets, brings in new customers and provides new networking opportunities.

Move Idle Inventory and Use Idle Capacity = Increase Productivity

BSI can help you sell off your excess inventory and idle capacity, which you can convert to something you need. This allows you to maximize productivity by staying busier and more profitable all year round.

Gain Advantages Over Your Competition

Through BSI you have access to more options and alternatives, to help you compete in your market. You can advertise, market and promote yourself using BSI media company members: radio, magazine ads, etc. Have your brochures designed and printed and get your websites through barter. Your cash sales can increase, as well!

Build Customer Loyalty

BSI members tend to first look to other BSI members when they need to purchase something. Then, they will likely call you again when they need more. You may get members placing personal purchases with you, as well as business purchases.

Improve Your Bottom Line

When you increase your sales and keep your costs down, your income will rise. It’s simple arithmetic! See if it works for you.