Loyalty Program


Get rewarded for being
an active barter trading client. When you reach 10 barter buy transactions
of $200.00 dollars or more you will earn a digital punch on your new Barter
Systems Mobile wallet Punch Card. The mobile punch card is free to download
and easy to install on your smart phone. Once your reach 10 barter buy
transactions your loyalty card will deliver you’re a text message explaining
how to contact your broker and redeem your reward.

How to install your mobile wallet loyalty punch card:

here to fill out a very short form

– Check your email for a welcome message from Barter Systems
– Follow the simple instructions in the email
– Your Done

Got Questions or need help? Call Brandon at 202-330-6213 (Support)

What is Mobile Wall Technology?
In an age where smartphones are everywhere and there seems to be an app for
everything, “mobile wallets” technology is becoming more popular every day.
As a small business owner, here’s what you need to know about mobile wallets

What is a Mobile Wallet?
Mobile wallets are essentially digital versions of traditional wallets that
someone would carry in their pocket. While there are many variations, the
Barter Systems mobile wallet holds digital information about our loyalty
programs and a mechanism to reward our clients when they make a barter