Media & Marketing

Advertising through BarterSystems's Media Department is one of the most appreciable ways of our clients utilizing their Trade Currency. Our full service Advertising Agencies are available for marketing and strategy planning along with offering their services to create an image and a direction that will serve to increase your business prospects. With thorough planning and selection of appropriate media, BarterSystems can help its clients move ahead of their competition and gain more of their market share.

Our Media Department is here to assist you to make the best of buys from our available media. Please contact us to explore the different categories of available media. We will take the time to review your needs, assist you in defining your targeted market and match that profile within the market areas and categories that we represent.


Advertising Agencies & PR

Community Events / Visitor Guides / Directories

Direct Mail

Moving Advertisement: Billboards, Buses, Trains

Newspapers & Magazines

Promotional Services

Phone Directories / Yellow Pages

TV & Radio