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Barter Success Stories

Barter can make a dramatic difference in the bottom line of your business and personal life. Take a closer look for yourself in just a few excerpts from client letters we’ve received here at Barter Systems:

I have used barter systems for a number of years and couldn’t be happier with the results. It has allowed me to afford things I would not normally be able to afford. It has also allowed me to keep employees busy during slower periods and increase my resources for operational expenses. The staff at Barter systems is also very reliable and responsive. highly recommended for any business.

Bob Hanifin, Owner 
Beacon Electrical Services


I have been a BSI member for 25 years. I love dealing with BSI and the people who work there. In these economically challenged times, we, as business people, need all the edge we can muster and BSI offers us an avenue to produce more revenue that we did not have before.

David Cohen, President
David’s Beautiful People


I have been with Barter for over 20 years. It has been so great for me and my company. I have bartered Oriole tickets, casino for a nonprofit, hotels, restaurants vouchers, catering and dry cleaning. It is great!. Love it.

Mimi Vaughan
Roeder Travel


My company and family have been using Barter Systems for over 30 years. The staff treat their clients like family. Andrew, Linda, Lill, Vanessa, David, Serena and Perry are always happy to assist in what ever you may need. They have doctors, contractors, vacation getaways, spas, lawyers, restaurants, caterers…you name it, they’ve got it. We love Barter and so will you!

Rockville Office Machines


When BSI first approached me, I was skeptical, as you could imagine. I understood how it worked, but wondered what type of companies were part of the group. Also, I wasn’t sure what type of service I would receive from the BSI employees themselves. So they told me, “try it for free, if you like it, then join”. How can you say no to that?

Let me tell you, over the past 8 years I have experienced the BEST service from everyone at BSI. They are here to help, and they do it with great attitudes. If you need something done, they will find the right service for you. I also found out the companies that are part of BSI are among the best. They get it! There is such a wide range of products and services, and they keep adding on every month.

I look forward to receiving the monthly newsletter to find out the new companies that have joined, and the companies that really want your business. Also, emails are sent out almost daily to keep you informed of what’s going on.

Barter is another way of getting new business and getting your name out there. I also experienced that while we were performing our service for a BSI member, I picked up cash jobs from their friends and neighbors.

If you are considering joining, I highly recommend you give it a try. What do you have to lose?

Jeff All, Owner/Operator 
All Painting & Powerwashing


I’m David Reynolds. I publish élan magazine, an upscale arts monthly that is mailed to 20,000 of the most affluent households in Northern Virginia. Over the past 14 years BSI clients have used the magazine to reach the families that have the resources to buy their products and employ their services. I have used my BSI dollars to travel extensively the world over. My dentist, vet, lawn service, electrician, handyman, carpet and house painters are all paid with BSI dollars.You could say I’m a happy client. Also, you will not find a more dedicated “deal maker” than Linda Weil. She gets the job done!

David Reynolds
Elan Magazine


Cardinal has been a long-time member of BSI. Perry, Lillian, and the entire BSI family are fantastic to work with. Through the years BSI has afforded us the opportunity to enjoy experiences that we wouldn’t normally have when spending our cash. We’ve tried new restaurants, traveled to some great spots, and even driven race cars using our trade dollars. I’d highly recommend BSI to any business owners in the area!

Chris Blackwell, Vice President
Cardinal Distributors, Inc.


I have been doing business with Barter Systems BSI for over 30 years. I have found the barter concept to be great and have had a lot of very happy barter customers. Some have returned to buy many vehicles from us. Barter is the best keep secret in the business world. Once a business understands how it works they will want to do it.

Frank Lewark, President
AutoBuying Service